Few important notes about using a Bullet and Harp Holder


Use your bullet holder like it is shown in a promo video: 


This video also shows one way of setting your bullet holder on a boom/arm type of stand.


Do not use the holder with bullet microphone if it was exposed to a low temperature because the holder could break. In this case, rather wait until holder adjust to room temperature.

Holder is a pretty strong piece but it is not unbreakable. It might broke also if your microphone stand fall down so, take care of your holder and it will serve you well in making a good music.


Important notes about using Harp Holder:

Avoid metal surfaces, metal objects and other magnets because magnet is pretty strong and it can be damaged or separated from a holder.

When you take off your harmonica from Harp Holder, slide it on side rather than pull it up and you will prevent the possibility of separating a magnet from holder. Same thing for adjusting a harmonica on it, slide it from side.


Bullet and harp holder promo video:



All holders are molded out of the resin and sanded by hand for smooth finish. Some very tiny holes (air bubbles from molding) will be maybe visible on the holder surface but it is not affecting the main use of a holder.