Cool stuff for harp players and music outlaws of all kind.

Hi everyone.

I'm Iggy, harp player and freelance designer. I made this online shop only for Green Bullet, Harp Holder and Bulletini Holder.


On my Facebook page Harp Player Custom Shop, I have more interesting stuff for harp players like:

- around 40 custom T-Shirts designed for a blues harp players

- two harps distance holder, for holding two or three harmonicas together

- around 40 different harmonica stickers (key labels for harmonica, positions chart, harp case stickers etc)

- custom and vintage harmonicas

- some harmonica CD's and vinyl records 


I also do a custom logo design for all purposes and other design work so you can inbox me if you want me to work on your next design project.

So, visit my page and search my albums/photos.

All items are sorted in photo albums with descriptions so, that is maybe the best way to search this page.

Link to photo albums: 



You can push a SHOP NOW button (next to LIKE button on my Facebook page) to see available items that I have listed on eBay, but it is the best way to inbox me so I can arrange your order trough PayPal directly.


Enjoy searching my page ;)