Green Bullet Holder and Harp Holder

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70,00 USD

Green Bullet Holder and Harp Holder extension This listing include: - Green Bullet Holder - Harp Holder extension - Screw adapter (3/8'' to 5/8") Harp Holder easily fits in to Green Bullet holder and holds a harp with super strong Rare-Earth Neodymium N35 magnet. This way of fixing the harp on the holder enables easy harp exchange during your gig and enables easy and smooth access if you want to cup it with hands. So finally you can play hands-free without a rack around your neck and with your favorite bullet microphone. NOTE: This is a custom made holders so, maybe some edges will not be always 100% perfect but will be more than a good enough to fulfill its main purpose. Shure Green Bullet Microphone and Harmonica are only for preview of use, they are NOT included in listing.

Additional info

Worldwide shipping is included in price. All holders are molded out of the resin and sanded by hand for smooth finish. Some very tiny holes (air bubbles from molding) will be maybe visible on the holder surface but it is not affecting the main use of a holder.