Green Bullet Holder - black with flames

46,00 USD

Green Bullet microphone is a favorite among harmonica players and musician who like to play or sing trough it to get a dirty and slightly distorted sounds, but with new Green Bullet 520 DX is always a problem how to set it up on a stand. Here is a new amazing design solution, Green Bullet Holder for a microphone stand. This holder is a great solution for a singer guitarists, singer-songwriters who play guitar and harmonica on the rack, for one man bands who are always busy with all kind of instruments, drummers and for all other musicians who love to play or sing trough Green Bullet microphone. This clip holds the mic tight but it's easy to take it out. Just click your bullet microphone in and out. Volume control of your bullet mic is easily accessible and it is also easy to cup it with hands if you play harmonica. The mounting block has a hole with a 3/8" adapter and I added another one from 3/8'' to 5/8" so you can easy mount it on every stand. This bullet holder has also a Harp Holder extension (sold separately), specially designed harmonica holder with magnet lock that will enable you to play your amplified harmonica totally hands free and without a rack around your neck. Model 2015 is the newest version of Green Bullet Holder Previous models were made with 3D printer and this one is molded so, the new model is more smoother. New rounded vintage looking design is holding a microphone more secure and it's not have any sharp edges. It is comfortable for cupping with harmonica and it's not gonna scratch a microphone paint. Sides are a little bit ticker so the holder is a stronger than previous model. Holder base is also rounded like on some vintage microphones and it supports the new (molded) and the old (3D printed) version of Harp Holder extension. Like the old version, this holder works also great with some other bullet shape microphones that have practically the same shell like Green Bullet with maximal diameter of 63 mm.So it can hold Superlux D112C, Peavey H-5 and H-5C (Cherry Bomb) and a Digital Reference - Red Howler. This listing include: - Green Bullet Holder - Screw adapter (3/8'' to 5/8") Note: This is a custom made bullet holder so, maybe some edges will not be always 100% perfect but will be more than a good enough to fulfill its main purpose. Green Bullet microphone is NOT included in listing.

Delivery: Europe 10-15 business days
Additional info

Worldwide shipping is included in price. All holders are molded out of the resin and sanded by hand for smooth finish. Some very tiny holes (air bubbles from molding) will be maybe visible on the holder surface but it is not affecting the main use of a holder.