This holder is a great solution for a singers guitarists or singer-songwriters who play guitar and harmonica on the rack, for one man bands who are always busy with all kind of instruments, drummers and for all other musicians who love to play or sing trough Green Bullet microphone.

Harp Holder is a Green Bullet extension for harmonica with a magnet lock that enables hands free amplified playing and easy change of harmonica.

Green Bullet Holder also works great with some other bullet shape microphones that have practically the same shell like Green Bullet with maximal diameter of 63 mm. So it can hold Superlux D112C, Peavey H-5 and H-5C (Cherry Bomb) and a Digital Reference - Red Howler.

Say goodbye to the duct tape, new Green Bullet holder is here. Just click your bullet mic in and lock your harp on and there you have it, the best solution for mounting a Green Bullet and harmonica on a microphone stand.


Check also my first video where you can see how you can mount a bullet holder on a boom-arm stand 


NEW promo video for BULLETINI HOLDER !!!